A meteoroid flew over the eastern part of Bavaria and southwestern Bohemia on Thursday evening. The body, weighing approximately five kilograms, disintegrated during the flight, said Pavel Spurný from the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Ondřejov, Central Bohemia. Meteoroid fragments can be found mainly in Šumava.

The meteoroid entered the Earth's atmosphere on Thursday shortly before 10:00 pm in the area around the German city of Deggendorf. "At that time, the body was moving at a speed of 11.7 kilometers per second, and along a runway sloping to the earth's surface of less than 25 degrees, it continued to fly in an east-southeast direction and gradually brightened," said Spurný.

The meteoroid crossed the border over the Šumava Trojmezí and then faded near the Lipno dam at a height of 32 kilometers. He covered his entire 111-kilometer track in 11 seconds.

"During the flight through the atmosphere, the vast majority of the original mass of this small meteoroid, about the size of a handball, was consumed. Nevertheless, several small fragments could have landed on the earth's surface in a relatively large area approximately between Černá v Pošumaví and Rožmitál na Šumavě.

ue to the size of the area, the limited number of small fragments and the current vegetation period, the systematic search for meteorites loses its meaning. So it would only be a matter of chance and coincidence of favorable circumstances, if someone could find a meteorite from this fall, "said Spurný.

The flight path was recorded by several cameras of the Astronomical Institute. These were, for example, stations in the Šumava Churáňov, in Kocelovice in the Strakonice region or in Kunžak in the Pelhřimov region.

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