Waratah NSW
© Brodie Weeding
Mystery surrounds a noise and rumble that was heard across areas of the North-West, including Waratah.
A post on Facebook asked whether anyone had heard an explosion at 2am.

People from Waratah, Wynyard, Burnie and Somerset replied to a post.

"Saw a bright flash which lit up the sky around 2am in Wynyard," Richard Middap posted.

"Cracked my bedroom window in West Mooreville," Nett Richards replied.

"Gone over Waratah. It broke a window," Judith Summers wrote.

Waratah resident Val Flemming said her window was left cracked after hearing and waking up to rumbling, shaking windows and a loud sound.

"It was clear it wasn't thunder, I know what thunder sounds like," she said.

"It could've been an earthquake, or a sonic boom.

"I've never heard anything like it in my life."

She said friends in Waratah, Stowport and Wynyard had all told her they had heard the noise too.

Tasmania Police said there was one report of a loud bang from Wynyard about 2am.

"It was believed to be a meteorite and believed there was a four-second explosion from Burnie way," the Tasmania Police spokesman said.

"Burnie units didn't locate anything."

The Australian Space Agency has been contacted.

The Geoscience Australia confirmed there was no earthquake activity in Tasmania early Saturday morning.