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If there's one thing the elites seem to love to do, it's injecting kids with questionable biological material.

Take, for instance, the following: We know children do not transmit Covid-19 virus and that the concept of asymptomatic spread has been questioned severely, particularly for children. Children, if infected, just do not spread Covid-19 to others readily, either to other children, other adults in their families or otherwise, nor to their teachers. It is well-noted that asymptomatic cases are not the drivers of the pandemic; something particularly important in relation to children as they're generally asymptomatic.

In other words there are no data whatsoever that could be used to support the need for vaccination of children in this Covid-19 pandemic. Yet there are currently a number of trials in process for a number of covid shots where the subjects of the studies ARE CHILDREN. Why are we vaccinating children against Covid-19 when we know the vast majority don't catch it or spread it? Has anyone bothered to assess whether the risk of adverse reaction to the shot is worth the (possible) minuscule benefit?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health for a rousing discussion about the pros and cons of injecting kids with experimental genetic material.

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Here is the transcript:

Tiffany: Hello and welcome to Objective Health. I'm your faceless host Tiffany and joining me in the studio today we have Doug, Erica and James.


So today we're going to talk about...

Doug: Wait, you forgot to introduce Damian.

Tiffany: Oh, Damian. Oh yeah! Damian's in the background on the ones and twos.

Damian: I still am, yes. I'm here.

Tiffany: Holding it down for us as usual. Hi Damian. Sorry for the snub. {laughter} Anyway, today, despite our laughter, we're going to be tackling a very serious and dire subject. We're going to be talking about the trials for the genetic therapy injection for children, the children's vaccine trials for the covid-19.

So a lot of people take issue with this of course. Everybody who has a heart loves the kids and we all hope that with all this going on, please have the common decency to leave the kids out of it. But of course they don't and this is no surprise because everybody throughout the history of humanity has been getting screwed in one way or the other so this is no exception.

There are lots of mainstream studies out there showing that there are very, very, very low rates of covid infections in kids. Studies have shown that kids do not spread covid. They show that asymptomatic spread amongst kids and adults is non-existent and even if a child is diagnosed with covid it's very rare for them to become extremely ill or to die.

So all that is very nice to look at the studies that say that but really, all you have to do is open your eyeballs and look around. What children are dying? Which children are sick. I don't know of any and I'm sure there's a lot of people in this world who can't really name any. Covid is not seen as something that affects children. It's not the plague for either children or adults, that certain factions and all this craziness claim it to be.

So it should be obvious by now, after more than a year of this, that not only is covid not deadly for children, it's not deadly for adults by and large. Even with all of that, the vaccine makers don't even claim that the vaccines will prevent the spread of covid or prevent anybody from catching covid and there have already been all of the adult trials in which people have died. There have already been the adult trials that are still ongoing after what is considered the actual "official trials" because the real covid trials are not going to be over until 2022 or 2023.

So with everything that we see in adults, it was someone's wise idea to say, "Let's start this for children." I don't know what to say about it. This just fits into the historical line. There's always been child abuse, child laborers, child soldiers, child brides, child sex slaves, child transgenders and child lab rats and it will continue. So that's my little opening blurb. Anybody else care to share what they think about this idea?

Erica: Terrible! It's a terrible idea. Already the psychological damage that's been done to children in the last year after everything that you stated. We know they don't spread it. We know that their chance of dying from it is so miniscule but still in a lot of countries and here in the old US of A, they're still not in school, not outside, wearing masks! So no sunlight, no oxygen, in front of a digital whatever being completely psychologically traumatized and to add to that now, parents are willingly signing these children up to be, like you said Tiffany, guinea pigs.

In some of the videos that we watched, one of them was a research person at Stanford. How in your right mind could you willingly sign your child up for this, to be an experiment? With no liability! None!

Tiffany: Yeah.

Erica: That to me is, like you said, child abuse. Straight up. I'll say it. Maybe I'll get some hating for it, but no! Wrong!

Doug: Well I thought it was interesting, one of the articles we looked at which was total mainstream propaganda was on CNBC. "Pfizer says its covid vaccine trial for kids ages 12-15 is fully enrolled." This was back in January so they were talking about enrolling kids in their vaccine trial. There was a quote from Dr. Paul Offit, who is the director of the vaccine education center.

Tiffany: Not him again!

Doug: Yeah, him again.

Erica: Mr. Profit they call him. {laughter}

Doug: Ah, profit. Good name. That's clever.

Tiffany: It's the same guy who said that vaccines are safer than water or something to that effect?

Erica: Or that they could get 100,000 vaccines and have no ill effects or something crazy.

Doug: Right.

Erica: Yeah, he's a crazy man.

Doug: Same guy. And I thought it was really funny, this little twist that he did. He's quoted as saying, "As many children this past year died from covid-19 as died from influenza and we recommend an influenza vaccine for children." Now you read that and it's kind of like, "Oh wow! That's crazy. But then I remembered, wait a second! We did a whole show about the fact that the flu has basically been non-existent this past year. So I went and I looked up how many kids had actually died from influenza last year and it was so low. I don't have the number in front of me unfortunately, but it was 118 or something like that.

When you look at flu deaths in your average year, 118 deaths among children is not very much. It's miniscule. So the fact that he's comparing it and saying, "Well just as many kids died of covid as they did of influenza." Well hardly any died of influenza so that's hardly a reason to justify what we're seeing here. If he had said as many children died in 2018 or 2010 or something like that as died from covid, then it's kind of like, okay, that sounds pretty serious. But it was so sneaky, the way that he phrased that.

Tiffany: He's a sneaky guy.

Doug: He really is. A snake you might say.

Tiffany: Yes. A sneaky snake. {laughter}

Doug: Sneaky snake. That's him.

Tiffany: So there are a few of these trials that are going on. I don't know if the Oxford trial - they're using the AstraZeneca vaccine and of course we all know how much bad publicity the AstraZeneca vaccine has been getting and how many countries have banned it or paused it, yet at the same time other health officials out of the other side of their mouths are saying, "Yeah, but the risk benefits ratio is still in favour of being vaccinated."

So their Oxford trial involved 6 to 17 year olds. There's a Moderna study of 12-17 year olds and I believe a Pfizer trial for 12-15 year olds, which they claim is 100% effective.

Erica: Yeah, they don't get it. {laughter} Kids don't get it!

Doug: Exactly.

Erica: Sorry.

James: They don't get it without the vaccines so of course it's effective. I think it's unfortunate because it's being framed as the vaccine is safe and there's no risk so why not do it, and it's just not true. So there's an issue there with informed consent and it's so irresponsible the way the whole issue has been framed since the get-go with covid. There was that whole scare last year about the childhood syndrome. I forget what it was called. Do you guys remember?

Doug: Yeah. It was a weird name. It started with a "k" but no, I don't remember.

James: Kawasaki?

Doug: Ah! I think that is it.

James: I think maybe.

Erica: Which is an autoimmune disease, correct?

James: I think so, but they planted this little seed because they said, "Oh, these kids are getting sick in New York and we think maybe it's a new strain of covid and it might be even more deadly for kids." And then as it turns out, that was not the case at all and there's statistically, almost zero risk for children. There are many risks to getting the vaccine which are things that are shoved under the rug. You get labeled. There's a lot of moralizing that happens if you're vaccine reluctant or anti-vaxxer. So there's all the social pressure for people and feeling like, "I'm being a good citizen. I'm doing the right thing. I'm protecting my children if I get them vaccinated" without fully understanding the risks involved and that maybe the risks to their children from getting the vaccine is potentially much greater than not vaccinating them and allowing them to possibly be exposed to corona virus/covid on their own and letting their immune system take care of it.

Doug: In fact it would be really interesting. You would probably never get the real numbers on this but it would be really interesting to compare the children's chance of death from covid versus chance of death from getting the vaccine. Now we all know that with the vaccine trials they're generally cooking numbers and doing all kinds of devious sorts of things so we never really get a good look at what the death rate or severe side effects rate or that kind of thing is. But it would be really interesting to see an actual comparison because I agree with you James. I would expect that it would be much greater risk of having some kind of serious adverse effect from the vaccine than it would be from just getting covid.

Just so people know, the death rate for children and covid is 0.003 percent.

James: And that's the official CDC death rate, right?

Doug: Right.

James: So if we think they're cooking the books to make it look worse than it actually is.

Doug: Exactly.

James: There was an article that I think came out of the UK that compared child deaths of covid to car accidents in the past year and it was similar numbers.

Tiffany: Well already there have been numerous articles in mainstream talking about how children are super spreaders and they spread the covid even though they have no symptoms. This whole thing seems to be first and foremost just a setup to make vaccination mandatory and I say mandatory with air quotes because they might not order you to take it but you can't do this, that or the other thing without getting it. So they want to get the vaccines for kids in place before the fall school year starts all over the world.

The biggest problem that I have with this - and if I could create a meme, I would have a photograph and on one side of the photograph would be parents lined up with their children and then you have the high priest up there sacrificing the children to Moloch and then on the other side of the picture you would have covid vaccine trials for children.

Doug: That's dark. That's a dark meme.

Tiffany: That is a very dark meme but that's what I think about when I think about covid vaccine trials for kids. I cannot imagine the mental mindset that a parent would have to have in order to do such a thing.

Now granted, there are loads of parents who totally believe in vaccines and believe everything that the medical industry tells them about vaccines and they take vaccines themselves and of course, why would they not want their children to take vaccines? But this vaccine is not approved. It's emergency use authorized. There have been loads of reports about adults who are suffering from severe adverse reactions and even deaths from this vaccine. These people that are being highlighted in certain articles, these parents who enroll their children in the trials, a lot of these people - if you are to believe the content of these articles - these people are doctors, nurses and research scientists and things like that and they are volunteering their children for these shots. But I still can't understand the mindset of a parent who would do this.

Doug: Well the mindset is basically fear and terror, right?

Tiffany: Yeah.

Doug: These people aren't evil.

Tiffany: No.

Doug: They're terrified because they've been propagandized so hard, you know. So in a way, I feel sorry for these people more than anything else because they've been thoroughly terrified, right? The mindset isn't that they're thinking logically about this, regardless of whether they're research scientists or doctors or whatever they are, they've been propagandized like everybody else so they're terrified.

Tiffany: Probably more so than other people too.

Doug: Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally.

Tiffany: Considering their education.

Doug: So I can see why they're like, "Well I can get a vaccine for myself. Why can't I get it for my child? My child's in danger too." Even though there's been plenty of information out there showing what we've just been talking about, that children aren't at risk, essentially. If they've got a lot of comorbidities, yes, there could be some issues there. But for the most part, children are incredibly safe from covid. But they're terrified so of course they're going to take every opportunity that they can to get their kid vaccinated too. They've been programmed to think that this is the only hope, that this is the only hope, that they are on death's door and the only thing that can save them is a vaccine. So of course they want it for their entire family.

There's problems with the aged getting the vaccine as well but everybody's terrified so of course you want grandma to get the vaccine. I don't know. It's infuriating.

Tiffany: Yeah. There was an article that was on WebMD, {laughter} which I never go on, but I do like to see what the mainstream news is saying. Then you get clues into what direction they're trying to push things. But this article on WebMD was called, "Why Three Families Enter Kids in a Covid Vaccine Trial." There was a mother speaking about putting her four children into one of these trials and her kids were aged 6, 4, 3 and 7 months old.

So she said that we talked about it. I guess my initial thought was "I definitely want to enroll my toddler as well as the older children but there is a very unscientific part of me that doesn't want to enroll my baby." So I think deep down, some part of her is saying, "This is probably not the best but I don't understand." If it's not good for your seven-month-old baby and you have a problem with that, not good for a young child doesn't mean good for a three-year-old or four-year-old or six-year-old. If it's bad for one, it can be bad for the other three as well, maybe in a different kind of way but it just seems odd that she has this gut instinct that this is not quite right but she gave it a little bit more thought and then she got comfortable enough to enroll all of her kids.

Doug: You can see the programming in there in the way that she worded it.

Tiffany: Yeah.

Doug: "There is a very unscientific part of me that doesn't want to enroll my baby." Unscientific. That is a buzz word. That's part of the programming right there. Anybody who has anything negative to say about vaccines is unscientific. They've thoroughly programmed everybody to make them believe that the science ALL supports this. There's absolutely no science out there that says anything negative about these vaccines.

So it's just pure programming when she says 'it's an unscientific part of me'. No it's not! That's probably your conscience or that's probably your gut feeling, like you were saying, your instinct, something like that. But oh no, that's not scientific!

Tiffany: No.

Erica: Or the other side now is 'trust the science'. Just trust it, no matter what. And we have celebrities saying, "Just trust the science", like the science is settled, like we've figured it all out even though, as Tiffany said, the trials are still ongoing. We don't really know.

Tiffany: Well the science they want you to trust is the science that they want you to trust, not all of the science, not any of the science that disagrees with what they're saying. Don't trust THAT science!!

Doug: The science means absolutely nothing at this point, the way they talk about it.

Tiffany: Yeah.

Doug: The science is a false idol. It's like the false god. Trust 'the science'. Bow to 'the science'. 'Follow 'the science'. There is no 'the science'. It doesn't exist.

Tiffany: Well another theme that is in this same WebMD article - there was another article there talking about a nurse and another lady who made sure to point out that she was black and then this WebMD article made sure to point out that one of the families was Latino because of course these 'colored populations' have a long history of being anti-vax and we can't have any vaccine hesitancy amongst anybody, no matter what their race.

So there's always that theme going through it. But in this WebMD it's just so manipulative. Like how the parents talk to their own children to try to get them to go along. 'I talk to them about how they'll be able to go back to sports and I'll feel more comfortable when they're going to school and they want to see their grandparents and all their cousins and family members.' You're essentially bribing your children with the promise that things will return back to normal, which they won't, to get them to participate in this vaccine trial and it's just gross!

Erica: And if that's not enough, they can get a free Krispy Kreme donut every day for the rest of the year.

Doug: Oh my god! {laughter}

Erica: You guys missed that. Krispy Kreme's giving out donuts if you can prove you've been vaccinated.

Doug: Yeah, every day! You can go get a free donut every single day.

Tiffany: Krispy Kremes, if you've ever had one, is like a sugar explosion in your mouth so I can imagine that some people would be happy to get a Krispy Kreme whenever they can, but come on!

Doug: There's people posting it on Twitter. They're holding up their donut, "Yeah! I got my vaccine and I got a donut! Best day ever!"

James: Some strong basic Pavlovian conditioning right there.

Doug: Totally.

James: Positive reinforcement.

Doug: Tiff, you were talking about the parents bribing their kids. They're just passing it along because all the parents are being bribed as well. That's the exact same carrot that's being dangled in front of all of us. "We'll get back to normal. Get your vaccine. You'll be able to be free to travel. You can go to restaurants and bars. Everything'll be great. The utopia will be here. Just get your vaccine. Get onboard." So I'm not surprised that people are doing the same thing with their kids.

Tiffany: Yeah, none of this is surprising at all. And also not surprising is that the FDA, the Food & Drug Administration that's supposed to be like a watchdog organization keeping the people safe from harm when it comes to medical procedures and products, they, at the request of Pfizer, are not going to require any expert advice from their advisory committee and this committee is the one that evaluates the vaccine trials and sees how safe and effective they are.

So this committee is not going to need them to do any kind of report before they start including 12-15 year old children into the vaccine campaign. So according to the FDA everything's all good. We don't need any more discussion about this. We'll just go ahead and do this because we have to keep you safe.

Erica: That's so crazy. It's just crazy. Not that we trust the FDA. We've hated on them for a long time; the Federal Death Association. But the fact that they come out and they tell you this speaks volumes. "We're not going to do that. We're not going to be held liable. There's nothing you can do if you have an adverse reaction." We know just from reading about it over the years that one percent of people actually even document adverse reactions. I think years back we covered how nurses don't even know how to fill out the form properly for adverse reactions.

So now the FDA is just coming right out and saying no liability, none!

Tiffany: Yeah.

Erica: And I think that if these parents actually sat down and read the inserts and read all the side effects, informed consent essentially, they might be like, "I might wait. I don't know if this is such a good idea." But it's that rush, that scarcity, "We only have so many. There's only so much available." Doug you were saying it's all based on hijacking your critical thought and running purely on emotions. It's very insidious to do to parents because you're already concerned about every other thing under the sun for a child and now this is just another thing and if you've got the boob tube on and the radio and even the internet, you're just completely being bombarded 24/7.

As somebody who chose not to vaccinate my children, 20 years ago there were dismissive remarks and "Johnny can't play with Sally because he's not vaccinated." So the people who say, "No thank you" also have that social pressure to go along to get along. As we talked about last week with the vaccine passports, they might not turn you away but peer pressure and shame can make a parent feel pretty isolated if they're not going with the tide that everybody else is.

Tiffany: Well child vaccine trials are of course nothing new. Bill Gates should know this first hand because he's been all over the world with his vaccines, killing and maiming children for years and years and years like with the polio vaccine trials and that.

So this is nothing new, but when people in third world countries, poverty-stricken, maybe they're being bribed with free healthcare, this, that or the other thing, to enroll their children into these vaccine trials, or maybe one could argue that "Oh, they're so poor and there's not a lot of development. Maybe they're not educated enough to make an informed decision", but people in western developed nations enroll their children in trials and vaccinate their children. I don't think it's a matter of how educated a parent is, whether they'll do such a thing. I don't know what it is. We'll not come up with this answer but I don't know, maybe when everything is all said and done we'll have some understanding as to why.

Doug: Authoritarianism.

Tiffany: Yeah.

Doug: That's my guess.

Erica: I think that their intention is 100% cradle to grave vaccination. And it doesn't even matter anymore what it is. We were talking before the show about giving babies hepatitis B vaccines. Why does a child need hepatitis B vaccine? Already 51 vaccines. It's just going to keep going up and up and up and as you say, it's very insidious. The health outcome is not what it should be. I understand the concern with immunization for serious illnesses, but this has just gotten to be above and beyond, and ridiculous, creating lifelong customers of the medical mafia, I think.

Tiffany: I agree. I think that this is also just one cog in the wheel of this whole great reset and it's just means to acquire even more totalitarian control and to strip away everybody's freedoms. Pretty soon you're going to have to have a test to leave your house. You're going to have to have all of these booster shots. They're already talking about all these different variants and strains and how they're going to have to hurry up and come up with some new vaccines and people are going to need these booster shots. So it's going to be one vaccine after the other after the other after the other. How much can a poor human body take?!

Doug: Good question. We're probably going to find out.

Tiffany: Yeah. That's going to be the true pandemic.

Erica: We might not even see it for 2-5 years. When they're talking about the neurological side effects alone. How are you even going to find that out? Then it will be "Oh it's something else. It's this or it's that."

Tiffany: Well these vaccines cause extreme, extreme systemic inflammation. That's why so many different people have all these different symptoms from rashes to neurological symptoms, the fainting, to strokes and heart attacks. When your entire body is inflamed and you have a particular vulnerability, it can show up in any kind of symptomatology. You can get all sorts of illnesses just from being inflamed all the time. These vaccines are doing that and they're going to be doing it to children and it's just disgusting.

So does anybody else have anything else to say about this sorry, sorry state with the children?

Erica: Well I will recommend this article that we read for this show. It's called "Why Are We Vaccinating Children Against Covid?" It's by Paul Alexander from the American Institute for Economic Research. It's about 4-5 pages, but I will say he's pro-vaccination. He talks about it in the article. So it's good for parents who are unsure, I think this is a really good article. There's a lot of highlighted information in there, coming back to "Why are we doing this? Why are we doing this?" But it's very middle-of-the-road.

So if you have friends, family, parents that are kind of on the fence about it, this is a good article to recommend because he does reiterate that he's not anti-vaxxer because we're the downfall of humanity at this point. {laughter} But there's some really solid information in there and then there's references, there's links. So it's a good kind of thing. If you've got doubts, maybe read this. That would be my suggestion.

Doug: Yeah, it's an excellent article.

Tiffany: Okay everyone. That sounds like this is our show for today. We will be back next week with another show, so until then, stay out of those trials. {laughter} Stay away from those vaccines and we'll see you next time.