Santa Maria del Oro lagoon

Santa Maria del Oro lagoon
The mystic Santa Maria del Oro lagoon has turned brownish-red overnight, surprising locals and residents of Nayarit, Mexico.

The Santa Maria del Oro Laguna, nearly 2.25km long and 1.2km wide, is located inside a crater, formed by a meteorite fall thousands of years ago.

Lagoon in Mexico changes color overnight

The crater lake, also known as the 'Enchanted Lagoon' contains fresh water that constantly changes color, from blue to bright green. A bit like this lake in Canada...

However, this is the first time that the lagoon has turned brownish-red...

So what's going on there?

According to scientists, the color change is natural and due to this year's colder temperatures.

The colder and denser water that normally sits at the bottom of the lake is upwelling to the surface of the lake thus changing its' color...

So there is no fear of contamination, pollution... There is no discharge of anything poisonous... But water sample have been sent to investigation in order to determine if this brownish-red water contains any pathogens or dangerous microorganisms.

Althoug having some powerful healing powers, this water could now be infested by evil little critters ready to kill you!

I would wait the end of this rusty 'natural phenomenon' before having a swim again! [Contextos]
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