Residents in some parts of Alaska's largest city woke Thursday morning to a surprise: up to 18 new inches of snow fell overnight. The snowfall in Anchorage caused few headaches in a city accustomed to sizeable snowfalls. (March 11)

Video Transcript

JUDI WESTFALL: It was a little bit of a shock. It was snowing when I got home last night, but I didn't expect it to be over a foot of snow today. So a little bit of a shocker for us.

Yeah. I've been here since '92, and I feel like this happens a lot. Like somebody says, we're at second winter now. Because we had that spring feel last week with the blue skies and the longer day with daylight, and you think you're getting to that for-- even though you know this is probably coming. And when it happens, it is demoralizing, because I did, I felt really sad. [? So ?] [? did ?] all of us today.

MICHAEL KUTZ: Well, we've had a rather unusual snow event. And not necessarily out of season, because we do get some heavier snows during the month of March. However, this one was a little on the weird side, because where the weather office is located in the Western portion of town only received about three inches of new snowfall.

Source: AP