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The health ministry said deaths reported so far in cases where vaccination has been conducted to date is 27
The health ministry has said over 84,800 vaccinations against the coronavirus were carried out on Saturday and a total of three people, who had received vaccinations in the recent past, died in the past 24 hours. Deaths reported so far in cases where vaccination has been conducted to date is 27, it said.

The health ministry also maintained that no case of serious or adverse event following the immunization is related to the vaccination. "No case of serious or severe Adverse event following immunization (AEFI) or death has been attributable to vaccination till date," the health ministry said.

Comment: 'No severe adverse events'? Death seems to be pretty severe. And it's not just in India that deaths have been reported following these experimental vaccines: At least twenty-three people die in Norway within days of receiving Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

The vaccination drive against the coronavirus picked up the pace on Saturday as many beneficiaries who had received their first shots on day one of the exercises four weeks ago turned up to get their second dose. The second dose of the coronavirus vaccine is being given after a gap of 28 days.

In a press conference, the health ministry briefed the country about the number of vaccinations that have so far been administrated and the deaths following the vaccinations.

The health ministry said, "The second dose vaccination started today for the beneficiaries who have completed 28 days after receiving the first dose of vaccine. 84,807 vaccinations [provisional figure] done today till 6 pm."

The ministry said as many as 80,52,454 vaccinations have been administered till 6 pm on Saturday.

Comment: Something appears to be wrong with the data above.

As far as the cases of death following the vaccinations were concerned, India has so far witnessed 27 deaths. Three deaths were reported in the past 24 hours among the people who had taken vaccination in the recent past, the health ministry briefed at a press conference.

"Deaths reported so far in cases where vaccination has been conducted to date is 27. There are 3 deaths reported in the past 24 hours who had taken vaccination at some point in time in the recent past," it said.