Further heavy rain has triggered flooding and landslides in the city of Florianópolis and areas of Santa Catarina state, Brazil .

Flash flooding and landslides were reported in Florianópolis after heavy rainfall on 21 January, 2021.

More heavy rain was reported in the state of Santa Catarina during the following days, in particular in the capital, Florianópolis. Civil Defense of Santa Catarina (DCSC) said almost 40mm of rain fell in Florianópolis in a 1 hour period around midday on 24 January. DCSC added that 86mm of rain fell in 3 hours and 104mm in 6 hours.

Roads were blocked by flood waters or landslide debris in several parts of the city. The city fire service reported 70 people were evacuated after flooding Lagoa da Conceição neighborhood when embankments of a sewage treatment pond collapsed. Around 35 houses were damaged.

Two people died when a landslide in the Saco Grande neighborhood caused a wall of a house to collapse.

Heavy rain and flooding has affected other parts of the state and Civil Defense of Santa Catarina (DCSC) reported rain-related incidents in 31 municipalities over the past few days. A man died after being dragged by flood water in Entre Rios. More than 2,000 people were affected by flooding in Guabiruba, in the Itajaí Valley, where about 240 houses were damaged and 30 people were displaced. Around 170mm of rain fell in Guabiruba in 24 hours to 25 January.