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On this episode of Objective:Health we look into the latest machinations of the elite Covid conspirators. Vaccine passports on the horizon promise a new caste system, where the unvaccinated face greater restrictions. Want to travel, see your favorite sports team or music performer or even use public transport? Not without a vaccine you don't!

But just because you get the vaccine doesn't mean you can stop muzzle (mask) wearing or social distancing, says MSNBC's Dr Gupta. Meanwhile Faucci assures us all that the worst is yet to come for the pandemic, but also says the vaccines won't confer immunity, only lessen symptoms - soooo... they're not vaccines, then?

Join us for another Objective:Health scintillating discussion!

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Elliot: Hello everyone, and welcome to Objective Health. Before I talk about what we are going to speak about today, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. This is our first show of the year and 2020 was a very interesting year. I think that it's probably going to be a very interesting year this 2021. We have got lots to look forward to, I think. I am your host today, my name is Elliot. Joining me in the virtual studio I have Doug, Erica and Damian is on the wheels of steel. Welcome.


Elliot: In today's show, as we have been speaking about for probably the majority of the past year, we are going to be talking some more about some of the crazy shenanigans of the authorities. We are going to be looking at some of the new developments that are coming out of the Coronavirus, and what the government is proposing. We will be looking at some of the so-called experts and what they are saying about what we can expect to see in the near future with regards to the so-called pandemic, and also some of the crazy stuff that's going on around the world.

To start off the show, there was a very interesting article that came out yesterday which was published on RT. It is talking about a new bill that has been proposed and it is called Covid camps? Put disease 'carriers' in DETENTION CENTERS, proposed New York law suggests. What this article explains is that a bill is being proposed by a democratic member of the New York State Assembly whose name is Nick Perry.

The bill is called A416 and it calls for the removal and/or detention of individuals who are identified as a case contact or carrier of a contagious disease. This will primarily focus on Covid and says a person or group of persons shall be detained in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises.

What this law apparently allows the governor or health official to do is to approve detention centers and so the authorities will lawfully or legally have the right to come and identify you if they think that you have the disease or that you have been in contact with someone with the disease. If they have reason to believe that then they can come and legally detain you within a detention center. I'm not sure for how long, the details have probably not been fleshed out just yet.

This is pretty Orwellian. This is the kind of thing that is in our nightmares. This is more of a horror story if the government is going to have the ability to detain you. That's not going to be good for the overall population.

Doug: For sure. You know what's crazy? Do you remember a few years ago when everybody was talking about how there were these FEMA camps being set up in various places in the US? We all thought we were going to be shipped off to centers and camps. It's actually here now, they're actually proposing it.

The fact of the matter is, it's people who have it and anybody who has come into contact with someone who's had it, that's pretty much everybody. That's basically their way of saying that we can put anybody in these camps that we want to. With how widespread it is, everybody is going to be in contact with someone anyway. This seems like, like you said Elliot, a thing of our nightmares essentially coming true. It doesn't get more Orwellian than this.

Elliot: It really doesn't. You mentioned the FEMA camps, that was decades ago. That was a focus of the conspiracy websites, particularly Alex Jones and some of the documentaries which were made in the 2000's about the FEMA camps potentially being set up and used in the future as a way to detain undesirables. Basically, anyone who was questioning the agenda or who was deemed undesirable by the authorities. At that point it was very difficult to conceptualize a situation that might allow for something like this to occur.

I have been thinking about this recently, as we enter into this new year I like to re-run over the previous year and piece together all of the things that have gone on to try to understand it a little bit better. It occurred to me that we are really ripe for a situation where these detention centres or these FEMA camps could be very well used and I think we would have a good portion of the general population to accept something like that as well.

This virus, or this scamdemic, pandemic, whatever you want to call it, this fake virus or this fake pandemic has really set the stage for massive stripping of individual rights. The destruction of individual freedoms and rights. So many people are scared amongst the general population that I think at this point many people would not bat an eyelid at the idea of detaining people who had Covid in an effort to protect society, to protect the vulnerable, to protect the elderly. That's no doubt how this will be marketed to the people.

Erica: It is interesting that it happens in New York, right? The US set a precedent and it seems that California and New York are really good examples of East and West coast control. New York was one of the first states aside from California to ban children that aren't vaccinated from schools.

You see this slow set up. I have been calling it "soft totalitarianism" because they start with the curfews or "you can't go to your family" and "we are going to give you a fine, it's a misdemeanor". It's very soft, and slowly people are being corralled into this mindset.

As you said, Elliot, it makes perfect sense that people will say "it's for your own good. It's for public health." That's the big misnomer in all this "it's for public health". We have all watched enough dystopian movies to see what the potential camps are going to look like. Who is to say, as you said Doug, that it's not going to be the centers as well.

"Your neighbor said you coughed" that's all it's going to take. It's really creepy, but I am realizing that most people probably aren't seeing it that way. Unless you have been down that rabbit hole for many years like we have then you are not seeing the slow stripping away, slipping away of every aspect of your private life. That doesn't even get into the whole "track and trace" thing.

Doug: Speaking of which...

Elliot: This is what it is starting to look like. Many of these new developments, these gradual stripping away of individual freedoms and individual rights, and invading on people's privacy is done in the name of public health. Ultimately, anyone with eyes to see can see that this is a facade.

It has got absolutely nothing to do with public health because the virus itself is a "nothing burger". For the virus itself, the death rate is phenomenally low. Really, it has very little to do with public health. In that case then I think that this would be implemented under the guise of public health, but in fact they would make use of this kind of situation.

What I am trying to say is that at first it may be that people who are contagious or who have a virus or who have a cough are put into these camps but I don't think that would go on for very long. I think that they would very quickly start identifying - they have probably already got lists - undesirables, the potential threats. Anyone who speaks their mind, anyone who has differing viewpoints and is considered dangerous to this kind of authoritarian or totalitarian regime.

I think that they would quite swiftly begin locking people up simply for having a different opinion. That's when it really gets dangerous. We must always remember that oftentimes what they do has nothing to do with what they say. Actually, we have to look at their actions because their actions speak a lot louder than their words.

Doug: Another thing that is conspiracy-theory-gone-real is the whole immunity passport thing. I remember when people first started talking about those things and everybody was like "That's crazy! That's never going to happen. Why would they do something like that?"

The implementation of vaccine certificates or immunity passports and track and trace programs is alive and well, it's happening. Essentially, there has already been plans coming together amongst different countries, airlines and travel saying that you are going to need to have a vaccine and be able to show this document in whatever form it takes to be able to travel anywhere. To be able to leave your house!

Some countries have even talked about using it to get on public transit. Public transit! You can't get to work if you don't have a vaccine or have a passport that says that you are immune. I don't know, maybe it would be that you had been tested recently and that you are negative, but I have a feeling it is going to be if you don't get the jab then you are not going anywhere. You are not leaving the house, you are not leaving the camp.

Elliot: This was originally conspiracy talk. Actually, over the past couple of months we are seeing every so gradually that this is being drip fed into the common publications and mainstream media outlets. The Independent, and The Times and all of these reputable resources of journalism. They are beginning to talk about this and I think that this year people are ever so gradually becoming de-sensitised to the idea. They are probably starting to believe that it's a good thing.

In mid December there was an article published in the Independent which is titled Ireland Considers Corona Vaccine ID: Those Without will Suffer Restrictions. It's exactly what you were saying, Doug. There are systems in place now being developed by some of these tech companies which are like apps and this is where you would upload your medical records and vaccine passport or your vaccine certificate.

This is being considered by governments as a prerequisite to resuming your activity in society. If you want to go on public transport, if you want to go to your job and earn money to feed your family you need to have the vaccine. It's not only that. Obviously it's going to be applicable to international air travel so I think you can kiss goodbye to going on holiday. I think that's a thing of the past if you don't have a vaccine. It's a very real situation that we are dealing with. They're not holding back on this.

It is going to be very soon that we start seeing this being implemented. Children will probably need it to go to school. All healthcare workers will probably require it to work their jobs. I think that's probably going to be the start. They would like everyone to comply with this and that is their aim.

You've got a media doctor on MSNBC whose name is Dr. Gupta and in one of the interviews in December he said that even if you have both vaccines - the first and second round - that still does not mean that you should be traveling and that also does not mean that you are liberated from wearing masks. What they are saying is that even of you do get the vaccine it doesn't matter because you still have to follow these stupid rules. You are still not going to be able to go anywhere unless they tell you that you can go somewhere. The only time that you are going to be safe is when everyone else has had both rounds of the vaccine.

That is what their aim is. Their aim is to have everyone on the planet, or as many people as possible being vaccinated with their vaccine passports and their documentation so that then, only then, will they be allowed to do what ordinary human beings should be able to do. Only then will things go back to normal. Until then, it means that they have to continue wearing a mask, they should not travel and they should probably stay locked down. It would seem that at this point that people are not going to be regaining their freedoms any time soon. Actually, until everyone is vaccinated and until Bill Gates and his cronies are pleased with the result then we are going to continue to see our freedoms continually being stripped away.

Doug: There was another article on the Gateway Pundit called Then It's Not a Vaccine: Crazy Dr. Fauci Said in October Early COVID Vaccines Will Only Prevent Symptoms and NOT Block the Infection ...What? It's similar to what Dr. Gupta was saying, that the vaccine doesn't actually stop you from getting an infection and that the vaccine is only to mitigate symptoms. What the hell?

That doesn't sound like a vaccine. The whole idea behind a vaccine is that you are exposed to some of the virus and then your body has a defence against it so if you do come in to contact with it then your body fights it off and you don't get an infection. Now he is saying that's not the case.

I brought this up because it made me think that what he was saying was "that doesn't mean you are not going to still have to wear a mask and it doesn't mean that you are going to be able to leave your house. We are not going to open up concerts and sporting events just because there is a vaccine."

This was the way they sold it to us in the first place, right? "Just wait for the vaccine. Things will get back to normal after we have the vaccine." Now they are saying "No, things are not going to get back to normal now that we have the vaccine. Just get the vaccine and shut up."

Erica: The mindset that I have had in the past couple of months has been that we now know that this is not about Covid-19. This is not about a virus, right? This is about complete and total control. I don't know if you folks in Europe have seen this, but in the US something that is happening that is very predictive of what's coming is this eliminating of all of what they call "touch points".

Let's say that you want to go to a restaurant if you are in a state that actually has restaurants open to the public, they no longer offer menus anymore because it is a "touch point". On the table they have a little barcode which you can scan to read the menu. They say that this is for your safety.

Not to mention that it's green, so "we are not wasting paper and we are not killing trees. We are programming you to now do everything on your phone." I say that "I don't have a smart phone so can I please have a paper menu?" This becomes the place where you can say that you are not going to opt into that and you can ask for a paper menu.

Now you are seeing it everywhere, in the DMV, and in any banking situation. "Cash is dirty now and we are going to stop accepting cash at Wholefoods." You can see this whole digital reality coming into play. It's slow and steady.

If you know anything about programming children to do what you want then you slowly start to take away these everyday things like a paper menu at a restaurant and you replace it with technology where now they have all the data of what you purchased, how much alcohol you drank etc. It's dark. At first I was like "it can't be that dark". It is that dark.

Doug: Do you remember at the beginning when the Covid thing first came around and they were telling everybody that they had to wash their groceries when they got them home? That all seemed to disappear after a while and people were like "the touching thing isn't that big a deal so don't worry too much about that." Now they are bringing it back and saying that there are these touch points that you have to avoid. Wow.

Erica: Because we are all walking bio-weapons and if you are not afraid of other people then you might mistakenly have some sort of human contact. I think the biggest part of the agenda is to psychologically beat people down.

If you are isolated and you are watching the news all the time, you are getting your information from a source that's obviously manipulated, and then you don't have any human contact then it's much easier to slip into that way of thinking. We did a show on it, it's torture. It's soft torture, just like soft totalitarianism.

Elliot: We went through the first wave and then supposedly there was a second wave, and now I think Spain's health minister is saying that the worst is yet to come and that we are anticipating a third wave. Fauci has said that himself, he said that the worst is yet to come and things are going to get a lot worse than where we are currently at.

It seems as though there is no end in sight to this. They are going to continue to push. If you were in their position then you could theoretically keep on inventing waves. You could say "there is going to be a 7th wave!" and "there is going to be an 8th wave" and each time you implement more controls. You take away more freedoms and you break the collective psyche of the population. You break it down to such an extent where they are in a position where they are submissive.

There are always going to be some people who are not, but I think so many people are sick of this stuff and they are so afraid that they are rolling over on their backs and they're being broken down psychologically. We have spoken about this previously, it's like torture. What they have done collectively over this past year is very similar. It fits many of the criteria of what would be termed psychological torture, physical torture and emotional torture.

When you torture people for such a long period of time and you traumatize them then they are more malleable. It seems as though the ground is fairly ripe for things to continue to get worse. It's very unfortunate, but it looks as though it will.

[Long pause]

Erica: That was a long pause. [Laughter]

Doug: Paused for thought. There's not too much of a positive spin that we can put on this is there? Stay strong people. Don't believe the hype. I think that is part of the whole agenda and the whole programming, that the more people who fall in line then the more difficult it is for the people who are not falling in line. It's one thing when you and your friends are like "this is all bullshit" but when they start falling one by one into line it starts to get tougher and tougher.

When your own family, your wife, and your parents are on board it becomes really hard to stand your ground and say "I know that this is nonsense and I am not going to put up with it". I'm not suggesting that you go out and break the law or get yourself into any trouble, but stay true internally. Stay true to what you know is true. Don't let them break you down.

Elliot: The topic of this show today is The Covid Agenda. It would seem that this is their primary agenda. It;s not to maintain public health. We have discussed this, this is what our show has been for these years, right? It's how to try to help your own health. The authorities don't care about your health. We have made that clear, they do not care about people's health in a general way. If they did then we wouldn't have to do this show! [Laughter]

Erica: We'd be obsolete.

Elliot: It would have been common knowledge that we would have been speaking about for 5 or 6 years. We have to ask the question, why? Why do they continue doing this? We have to see through the words because the words are confusing to the majority of people. Ultimately their agenda has nothing to do with public health.

I think control is one part of it,that's for sure. When you see that, that can be difficult to square with especially if everyone around you is thinking the exact opposite. If that's their goal, to break you down - and they need to break people down - then staying internally strong is a fairly good aim to have I think.

Erica: It's an attack on mental health as well. It's the isolation and being the odd one out. Back to what you were both saying, deep down people need to have faith and be bold and know if they feel they are being manipulated then they are being manipulated. Back to this use of smartphone technology, we talked about it for years. Start to resist, you don't need the touchless app on your phone, you don't need all of these things that are 'going to make your life more convenient'. You are signing up for this digital surveillance of your life, every aspect of your life.

Right now, I think we are in that window where we can still practice what little rights we have left and say "no thank you, I think I'll opt out. I'll just use my landline at home." For those that still know what that is: the actual old phone. Right now, we are all in a position where we don't need to sign up for these things. Like you said, international travel could very well be a thing of a past for most of us. That's a concerning thought, but are you willing to give up your body so you can fly on holiday? It sounds a little radical, but I don't know. We still have a window, I'm convinced. I'm the optimist on the show. [Laughter]

I have to believe that this is a battle and it's a battle for your soul. It really is and what side do you want to be on? Not to get all high and mighty on that.

Elliot: It's true, that seems to be the case, and perhaps things will balance out at some point. Perhaps there will be some sort of a cleansing of some sort. We can't really anticipate how that might play out, but maybe all things will be well.

The question is: is "all things being well" from a universal perspective going to be the same from our perspective as human beings? Probably not the topic of today's show, and we are coming up on our time. Is there anything else that we haven't discussed? Is there anything that anyone wants to add?

Erica: I have a feeling that we will see much more unfold each day that passes. I know that we all wake up in the morning and we read SOTT.net and we almost fall out of our chair. Like the article that Elliot started with, oh my gosh. I feel like we talked about this years ago and now here it is.

It's right out there. They are very honest about their machinations as far as I'm concerned. It's pretty clear that they're letting the cat out of the bag for people who are paying attention. I don't know if that's a solution.

Elliot: I think that's the end of today's show. Thank you to my co-hosts, thanks to Damian, and thanks to myself. [Laughter] Tune in next week and we will be talking about something which is probably very similar.

Doug: Something equally disturbing.

Elliot: I think we are going to be talking about herd immunity and how the definition of herd immunity might have changed since we last spoke [Laughter]. Thanks to our listeners, if you liked this video then subscribe. You can tune in on Brighteon and Lbry. Thanks for tuning in. We will see you next week.