Media in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) reported another incident of severe flooding in Uvira in South Kivu Province, the city devastated by flooding in April this year when over 30 people died.

The recent flooding in the city occurred after torrential rain on 12 December 2020. According to Radio Okapi, the UN radio station in DR Congo, 4 people died, 2 were reported missing and 2 were seriously injured. Reports suggest many of the victims were children. Houses were damaged or destroyed in several districts of the city, particularly in northern areas where the Kavimvira river broke its banks.

Heavy rainfall in western parts of the country in early December 2020 caused deadly flooding in the city of Mbanza-Ngungu in Kongo Central Province. Radio Okapi reported 13 people died after torrential rain and strong winds overnight, 01 to 02 December, 2020. Four people were injured and several houses were destroyed or severely damaged. Five further fatalities were reported from 02 to 03 December after flooding in other areas of the city.

Other areas of South Kivu province, along with neighbouring North Kivu saw severe flooding in late November this year.