Scotland thundersnow
The noise heard in Kirkcaldy was "crazy", according to Leanne Duffy
Police have issued reassurances to the public that "explosions" heard overnight in Scotland were in fact a phenomenon known as "thundersnow".

Residents in Edinburgh reported what they believed to be an exploding bomb or collapsing building around 5:00am on Friday. Police Scotland tweeted to say they had received "a number of calls" over the loud bangs.

"Please do not be alarmed, we are currently experiencing thunder and lightning," they said. Other parts of Britain woke up to snowfall overnight and a warning that further wintry weather may be on the way.

The Met Office said that wet snow fell on Friday morning across parts of Kent which may spread northwards with some snow over the Wealds and Downs of south-east England.

Rain, sleet and snow is also expected across a broad swathe of Scotland and northern England. A Met Office weather warning for snow and heavy rain through to Friday at 10am was issued for the east of England plus London and the South East.