In the afternoon today, around 5:45 pm, a huge meteorite was spotted on the sky of Rome and the inland areas of Lazio, in particular from Guidonia, Tivoli and Rieti: spectacular images of the videos arriving from the territory of Italy central, especially between Lazio and Abruzzo. " A unique and wonderful show ", some witnesses said.

A fireball is commonly understood as a body coming from space and which, falling into the atmosphere, looks like a fireball followed by a luminous trail. Normally the bolide is a meteorite, that is a fragment of rock generally originating from a comet or an asteroid which, finding itself passing near the Earth, is attracted by the gravitational field of our planet, thus falling towards the ground.

Upon entering the atmosphere, the fireball ignites due to friction and is consumed by evaporation as it proceeds towards the ground. If its mass is large enough, it can instead reach the ground or very close, as on February 15, 2013 in Chelyabinsk in Russia where a meteorite with a diameter of about 19 meters and a weight of about 10,000 tons entered the atmosphere and shattered a few dozen. of kilometers above the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. The impact of the space rock with the atmosphere caused a violent explosion (powerful 27 times that of the nuclear bomb that destroyed Nagasaki) with a shock wave over a vast area, which also included the Russian city where there was damage very serious and hundreds of injured by the explosion of the windows of the houses and the collapse of a roof of a large shed.