Joe biden mask
© Angela Weiss/AFP
Joe Biden's approach to managing the coronavirus pandemic and the promise of more lockdowns will be detrimental to American free will, "The Ingraham Angle" host Laura Ingraham argued Tuesday night.

"The looming Biden lockdowns," she began. "He's going to use euphemistic language, a lot of talk about social distancing and so forth, to describe these draconian restrictions. But it's all meant to lull you into complacency and compliance."

Ingraham said under Biden, the U.S. will mimic the "nightmarish" conditions in Europe, where lockdowns are severe and coronavirus cases are exploding. In Italy, she noted, anti-lockdown protesters are being tear-gassed by police.

"So if you have out-of-town relatives or friends who live across the country, and you think Biden's going to win, well, you better see them soon," she said. "Because if Biden's experts are in charge, your traveling days are over."

Holidays, celebrations and in-person schooling are "all over" under Biden, Ingraham explained, because it's "all too dangerous." And if you disobey, you may be "locked down for longer."

"That's always hanging over your head," she said. "You'll be fined. You'll be shamed. Probably tear-gassed. And you'll be blamed for the virus that no major Western government, not even an island, has been able to control."

"Who wants to live that way?" she asked. "Theoretically safe, but stripped of any freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom to worship. Freedom of assembly."