Record cold temperatures
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Record cold temperatures
Parts of western Montana saw record lows and record snow on Saturday and Sunday.

Multiple records were set in Missoula.

The National Weather Service in Missoula said the snowstorm on Saturday was the biggest October snowstorm in over 100 years with 13.8 inches recorded at the airport.

On Sunday, Missoula felt a low of negative 7 degrees. That number set multiple climate records.

NBC Montana's Chief Meteorologist Brooke Foster said it was the earliest below zero reading, the coldest October temperature and the record low temperature for October 25.

"These records go back 100 years," said Brooke. "The previous record cold was four degrees below zero for the entire month of October and that was set back in 1917."

Butte and Bozeman didn't see temperatures like Missoula, but both places can expect negative temperatures going into Monday morning.

"Tomorrow morning could potentially be colder than it was this morning," said Brooke.

The snow stopped Sunday, but temperatures are still below freezing. That means the roads are icy and driving conditions are dangerous.

"That deicer doesn't work that well when temperatures are that cold so it's not as effective," said Brooke. "The sunshine is helping out, it's melting some spots, but it's still slick out there and I expect it to be slick tomorrow morning as well."

As for the rest of the week, Brooke says we'll spend a few days with temperatures around the freezing mark. By the end of the week, the snow and ice should be melted.

"Places that had heavier amounts of snow like Missoula, it's really just going to turn into a muddy mess for us by the end of the week," said Brooke.

On top of record-breaking temperatures in Missoula, the coldest spot in the lower 48 was in Potomac where it dropped to 29 degrees below zero.