A seven week old baby girl died after she was attacked at her home by her parents' two pitbulls on Sunday.

It is alleged that the little Zané-Mari died on her way to hospital.

The mother, Zan-Mari van Zyl (21), told Beeld newspaper that she heard the girl crying inside the room and the sound of dog paws on the wooden floor.

When she walked into the bedroom she saw the two dogs on top of the child.

The girl was born on 17 August at the Kopanong State hospital in Vereeniging and was the only child of Van Zyl and her husband Riekert Harmse (23).

The dogs involved in the attack, Peanut and Cassy, were reportedly handed over to the local SPCA to be killed.

The couple own another pitbull named Max who was apparently not involved in the incident.

The parents said they never expected the dogs to attack their daughter. A funeral service will be held tomorrow at the AGS New Beginning Church in Vereeniging.