Andre Vltchek
A Russian-born American documentary film maker and investigatigative journalist has been found dead in a car in Istanbul's Karaköy neighborhood.

The 57-year old journalist Andre Vltchek and his wife, Indira Vltchek, rented a car to travel to Istanbul from the Black Sea province of Samsun, where the Vltcheks spent some days.

Two drivers also accompanied them during the trip.

When they arrived at a hotel in Karaköy at 5:30 a:m, where the couple was planning to stay, Indira Vltchek tried to wake him up. But the journalist did not respond.

turkey police
His wife and the drivers called the emergency services for help.

The medical team, which arrived at the scene, pronounced Andre Vltchek dead. The police sealed off the street where the incident occurred while a crime scene investigation team searched the area.

The Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office immediately launched an investigation into the death, while his body was taken to a forensic medicine institution to be examined.

The police recorded the case as "suspicious death" and launched an investigation into the demise of the American journalist.

The car was towed to a parking lot of the police station for further investigation and his body was moved to a forensic morgue.

The wife and the two drivers are expected to give their statements regarding the incident.