July 2020 saw record volumes of rainfall, killing hundreds of people, leaving millions displaced or homeless, and destroying crops around the world.

Asia seemed to get the worst of it, with extreme monsoon rain and consequential flooding killing hundreds of people in China, Japan, South Korea, Nepal, Bangladesh and India. China in particular continues to battle its worst flooding in decades as the water level of 433 rivers remains above the flood-control line, with 33 of them reaching record highs.

Heavy rain and floods have ravaged Assam, India, since May, affecting 2 to 3 million people across 27 districts, and claiming the lives of more than 100 people and destroying crops.

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After two weeks of heavy rains, flash-floods washed away houses, farms, roads, and electricity and water lines in Yemen. Thousands there have been left homeless and at least 14 have died.

Heavy rains and floods also affected parts of the US Midwest and Southeast, where the 'tornado season' has seen multiple destructive tornadoes. Ontario, Alberta and Saskatoon in Canada also experienced multiple tornadoes.

Off-season snowfalls last month include a foot of snow falling in Norway, and temperatures falling as low -7C, while in the southern hemisphere, 40 inches fell in the Snowy Mountains in Australia, and South Africa experienced a rare snowfall.

At the same time, noctilucent clouds are becoming a common sight at lower latitudes, and are likely indicative of an increase in particulates in the upper atmosphere, a key contributor to precipitation.

The artificially-induced scarcities caused by the Covid-19 lockdowns combined with extreme weather impacting food production the world over means we can expect major increases in food prices sooner rather than later.

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