Andy Cartwright
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Andy Cartwright
The wife of rapper Andy Cartwright has been arrested after his body parts were found in their St Petersburg apartment. She reportedly cut him into pieces, washed his organs, treated his limbs with salt and then refrigerated them.

Marina Kokhal claims the 30-year-old rapper died of a drug overdose. Saying she wanted to make him disappear so he wouldn't be remembered for dying an inglorious death, she has admitted to chopping up his body.

According to Saint Petersburg-based website 'Fontanka', the police were informed after 36-year-old Kokhal contacted a lawyer for advice, explaining that Cartwright had died four days ago of a drug overdose.

In their apartment on Petersburg's central Nevsky Prospect, law enforcement officers found his remains in five separate packages, all inside the refrigerator. Cartwright's wife told the police that she wanted to hide the body, explaining that she did not want her husband to be known for dying from a drug overdose, and decided that he would "just disappear." She dismembered his corpse but could not figure out what to do next.

Kokhal and the rapper - real name Alexander Yushko - have a young child, according to Russian news outlet Lenta. The woman cut up her husband's corpse for four days, all while their offspring was in the apartment.

If Kokhal's story does not match the facts found in the investigation of Cartwright's death, she will likely be charged with murder. If her story adds up, she could be charged for the "abuse of a dead body."

According to popular Telegram channel Baza, Cartwright's body parts were sawn "perfectly," his organs were cleaned in a washing machine, and his body parts were dumped in salt before being packaged and stored. The channel also claimed that Kokhal dismembered the body with the help of her mother, before perfectly cleaning the apartment and filling it with incense.

According to Russian channel REN TV, initial analysis has shown that there were no traces of drugs in his body. A second, more thorough examination will be conducted soon. The police also failed to find drugs in the couple's apartment.

Andy Cartwright is a well-known rapper in Russia and appeared on the very popular 'Versus Battle' series, garnering millions of views. Born in 1990 in the Ukrainian city of Nizhyn, he moved to Saint Petersburg in the 2000s.