ice ice
Had you heard about this in the mainstream media? No? Has something been diverting your attention?

Vast regions of southwestern Greenland are currently gaining record levels - record levels! - of snow & ice. Never before in June has the Greenland ice sheet grown by more than 4 Gigatons in a single day, until now that is - according to Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) data going back to 1981.

Here are the latest measurements (as of today, June 4, 2020). Notice how much blue (ice growth) you see on the map. And how little red.

map ice
And on the chart below the map, notice how much the blue line extends above the grey line. That shows record growth.

Blue line (Gigatons per day): total daily contribution to the SMB from the entire ice sheet. Grey line: mean value from 1981-2010 (DMI).

Have you seen any mention of this in the media?

Thanks to Stephen Bird for these links.

"The MSM is lying to us," says Stephen. "Why ? If you don't know maybe you should try to find out whilst you still have time."