How the sinkhole looked last month
© Lesley JamesHow the sinkhole looked last month
Sappers Field has been closed until further notice because the sinkhole that has opened up is now approximately 140-foot deep.

The popular Wooburn playing field will be closed to the public for the foreseeable future, with a 60-foot deep chasm now underneath the sinkhole.

Wooburn and Bourne End Parish Council released a statement, which reads: "Sappers Field is closed because the whole of it, not just the area around the sinkhole, is potentially unstable and very dangerous.

"The sinkhole is approximately 140 feet deep, with an underground chasm stretching 60 feet from the centre. Any part of the field could collapse in a similar way.

"A survey of the whole field has been carried out for the Parish Council, and we are awaiting the results and advice of how to stablilise the field. Until the field has been made completely safe, it is closed to the public.

"There are notices at Sappers Field warning of the danger, but people are still taking their children to play, and walking their dogs there. "Some members of the public are even removing the notices.

"Please do not go to Sappers Field for any reason at all until the Parish Council informs the community that the field has been made safe."