While many areas are measuring their snow in inches, Port Angeles is measuring theirs in feet.

The city at the top of the Olympic Peninsula got hammered Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

"This was a bit sudden," said Damon Morris, as he used a snowblower at a business parking lot. "We got about a foot last night. A little over a foot. Kind of a shock."

He underestimates the snow total. It was reportedly anywhere from 18 inches to two feet.

"Something else, that's for sure," said Chelsea Littlejohn, who lives in Port Angeles.

Schools here and in Sequim shut down for the day as did most businesses in the usually bustling tourist town.

"Tough to get around? Yes," said Dan Gossard, trying to walk downtown. "Because nobody is shoveling off their walks. Most people have just been hibernating and closing down their shops and not shoveling off in front of their stores."

When we got word that Port Angeles was under so much snow, we immediately headed there from the south. What a difference a few miles make as you travel up Highway 16 from Tacoma with snow levels and travel challenges increasing along the route to Port Angeles.

"I understand there's about an inch to five coming tonight and then it's supposed to start warming up and hopefully melting off," Morris said.

Vehicles were getting stuck left and right. A big truck couldn't get out of the parking lot. Then, Tyler Alderson and his tow truck got called in.

"I've been so busy," he said. But the rig is too big to drag uphill. "I don't know exactly why she was trying to pull out of there and she got stuck right there and I was having a hard time pulling her out."

Port Angeles police blocked busy Highway 101, so Tyler can drag the truck sideways. It works.

"You get it all done, you know?" Anderson said.