A flock of vultures over Pinnacle@Duxton.
© Gerald Tew Chong Hwee/Facebook
A flock of vultures over Pinnacle@Duxton.
Vultures have descended on Singapore like, well, vultures, triggering birdwatchers into a frenzy with rare sightings of the large carrion birds.

Himalayan vultures have been spotted in various locales including Bukit Timah and the Central Business District. One person had a lucky, close encounter with the Central Asia native last night after finding it just hanging out in the middle of a street near Maxwell Road.

"Impossibly large bird, spotted in Singapore!" read the post on beauty page Kirari Labo. It included a photo of the big bird totally owning the street like a boss. The bird then flew away, showing off its large wingspan as it soared over the vehicle, a moment caught in another video.

"This isn't a joke. This thing was HUGE!" the video caption read.

Also known as the Himalayan Griffon Vulture, these vultures are usually seen in mountainous regions of countries like Mongolia. They travel alone or in small groups, but gather in large flocks when there's something dead to feast on, according to eBird.

Himalayan griffon vulture spotted at Peck Seah Street in rare sighting

Himalayan griffon vulture spotted at Peck Seah Street in rare sighting
Other sightings included one bird perched atop the Orchid Hotel building in Tanjong Pagar today, and a flock of at least seven flying over nearby Duxton Hill at around 6pm yesterday.

Members of the Bird Information Singapore Fans group today posted regular updates of vulture sightings in Singapore, saying in a noon update that at least 12 vultures were seen flying over the Bukit Timah's Hindhede area.

Though it doesn't seem to be the first time these stately scavengers have appeared in Singapore, it is rare as they are not migratory by nature.

himalayan griffon vulture gyps himalayensis distribution map ..

Himalayan griffon vulture (gyps himalayensis) distribution map