UFO or satellite
© Hawaii News Now/Clau Laz
Hawaiian residents statewide see strings of lights in the sky for the second night in a row.
For the second night in a row, the skies over Hawaii have been lit up by a string of mysterious objects shimmering in the dark, many residents reported. Although a local outlet contacted the Federal Aviation Administration, there has been no official explanation yet.

Locals in Hawaii have reported en masse that mysterious near-perfectly ordered lights returned to the night sky after they first appeared the night before, Hawaii News Now has revealed.
"I was jumping up and down, freaking out like, 'What is that? What is that?' It was pretty weird. I couldn't make any sense of it", Kala Holiday told the outlet, while another viewer spoke about 20 to 25 lights "that resembled a Roman candle shot across the sky".

Comment: SpaceX Starlink Satellites as seen over Netherlands in May, 2019.

Elon, Is It You?

However, the string of flicking lights remains a puzzle for witnesses, prompting speculation about their origin. While the National Weather Service said that it had not spotted anything suspicious, the Federal Aviation Administration, to whom the local media reached out for an explanation, has not shed light on the matter either.

Although there seems to be no official statement, the engineering company Oceanit suggests that the night "show" was produced by SpaceX'sStarlink Mission, which had its Falcon 9 rocket release about 60 mini-satellites to establish high-speed broadband Internet around the world.

Comment: Engineering company? Oceanit sounds more like a marketing company and the products that they are engineering and marketing are thoughts. They can suggest anything they like, but a suggestion does not always attest to the facts of a matter. The blurb on Oceanit's website says:

Oceanit is a 'Mind to Market' company that employs a unique discipline to move fundamental scientific breakthroughs from the lab to the market. Oceanit's teams deliver cutting-edge solutions, services, and products to customers across a vast range of industries. Using a variety of paths to market, including corporate co-development, private equity financing, managed acquisition, and direct manufacturing, Oceanit delivers disruptive innovation to the world.

Founded in 1985 on Oahu, Hawai'i, Oceanit has earned a world-class reputation for breakthrough science & technology, sustainable engineering, and disruptive innovation built upon our values of Curiosity, Community, and Ohana. We are a skilled group of scientists, engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs who solve problems by understanding customer and industry pain points. This allows us to create solutions that meet organizational and user needs.

Oceanit practices a proprietary method we call Intellectual Anarchy™ that reimagines how a business can innovate; breaking silos, transcending disciplines, and cross-pollinating ideas and expertise. We create breakthrough ideas, insights, and discoveries as an interdisciplinary force.
"They are consistently orbiting the earth. It just depends on the location of the sun, how bright it is, where the shadow of the earth is following, everything effects the visibility", Oceanit Marketing Coordinator Leah Colburn said.