Russia military police Syria
© AFP / Delil Souleiman
A Russian military policeman in Syria on October 25, 2019.
Moscow and Ankara have been conducting joint patrols in the Kurdish-populated towns of Syria as part of the deal struck between presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan last month.

The Russian military police and Turkish troops moved out of the town of Qamishli on Friday and turned eastward, covering 100km along the Turkish-Syrian border and visiting several large towns.

The convoy consisted of Russian BTR-80, Typhoon and Tigr (Tiger) armored vehicles, as well as the Turkish Kirpi (Hedgehog) armored personnel carriers.

Russian army helicopters, meanwhile, flew their first patrol near the town of Ayn Issa, which is controlled by the Syrian government army.

The nations struck a deal on joint patrols last month, after Turkey began a campaign against Kurdish forces, which it considers terrorists. Ankara agreed to halt the offensive, while Russia promised to facilitate the retreat of Kurdish fighters from the 30km (20-mile) 'safe zone' along its border.