Loud boom in Grimsby, England
© Abby Ruston
Did you hear the "deafening bang" that awoke residents last night?

A number of Scartho residents took to social media last night to try and find out the cause of a loud bang that was heard across the area. People say that they are convinced that it was not a firework, and were worried that it may have been an explosion.

The noise was was heard at around 11pm last night, and there have been a number of theories about what may have caused it, ranging from a sonic boom to neighbours putting their bins out too loudly - although as it was heard from as far away as Waltham and Killingholme, the latter is unlikely.

One Scartho resident took to social media to say: "Did anyone just hear a loud bang? Was not a firework, sounded like some sort of explosion".

Another resident, who claimed to have bad hearing said: "I heard it up Scartho top, it was extremely loud and I'm deaf!"

Some people believed that the noise was called by the sonic boom of a Typhoon fighter jet.

One person said: "Possibly a typhoon sonic boom."

There were some more obscure reasons for the noise also suggested.

One resident said: "I heard it too, thought it was one of the neighbours putting their bin out very loudly."

While another said: "Don't know what it was, my partner said it sounded like someone was banging on a frying pan outside."

Others thought that there may have been an issue with one of the local refineries or power stations.

A similar noise was heard the night before in the Immingham area, which has been credited to a Typhoon sonic boom by a number of people on social media.

Do you know what the noise was? If so please contact connor.lynch@reachplc.com.