Two Wyoming highways are closed until at least Monday, Oct. 28 due to weather conditions.

"Wyoming Highway 130 over the high country of the Snowy Range and Wyoming Highway 70 over Battle Pass are under extended closures due to poor conditions at the high elevations," the Wyoming Department of Transportation says.

"The highways closed this past weekend due to hazardous winter conditions and poor visibility and have remained closed due to high winds, snowfall, and four to five foot drifts on the road surface."

With snow and wind forecast through the week, WYDOT says the roads will be re-evaluated to possibly re-open Monday.

"The Medicine Bow Snotel site in the Snowy Range at 10,500 feet is already recording a snow depth of 34 inches, and the Old Battle Snotel site at 10,000 feet near Battle Pass is reporting 24 inches," WYDOT adds.