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Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani has parted ways with his personal attorney after announcing that he does not plan to comply with congressional subpoenas.

While acting as President Trump's personal attorney, Giuliani's discussions with Ukrainian leaders regarding Joe Biden and his son Hunter have become key details in the House's impeachment inquiry.

According to CNN, Giuliani split with his personal attorney Jon Sale on Tuesday and has been advised to seek out criminal defense by his associates.

Giuliani's decision to part ways with Sale comes as he faces congressional subpoenas and the arrests of two of his colleagues who had been assisting him in his investigation into Hunter Biden.

As for the congressional subpoenas, Giuliani told ABC News that he won't be cooperating with any of the requests related to the impeachment inquiry. This would leave Giuliani acting in contempt of Congress, though he seemed unconcerned, telling ABC, "If they enforce it, then we will see what happens."

Giuliani was asked to turn over any documentation related to his efforts in Ukraine with a deadline of Tuesday evening.

At the time, Giuliani responded by hinting that he didn't believe in the legitimacy of the impeachment inquiry itself.
He has also been asked by Sen. Lindsey Graham to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"Love Lindsey, but I am still a lawyer and I will have to deal with privilege," Giuliani told CNN. "Given the nature of his invitation about my concerns I might be able to do it without discussing privileged information."