iranian oil tanker red sea
What is it with 2019 and blowing up oil tankers??
Israel and Washington have been accused of attacking an Iranian oil tanker in the Red Sea.

The mysterious attack on the Iranian oil tanker Sabiti in the Red Sea, when two missiles were launched on a sea vessel, is a consequence of the actions of Washington and Tel Aviv. Information about this was voiced the day before by a member of the Iranian national security committee.

"A member of the Iranian national security committee accused Israel and the United States of assaulting the Iranian oil tanker to fuel tension in the region," Trendingsy reports.

Independent analysts have previously considered this option, believing that Iran will have to strike in response to Saudi Arabia in retaliation, which in turn will draw the region into a new war.

Nevertheless, during the negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, it became known that Riyadh was not involved in the incident, while earlier in this region flights of Israeli military aircraft were seen.

"Russia covered Iran from Israeli aggression, and the best reason for Tel Aviv to foment a war against Iran is to create frank provocations to demonstrate Tehran's aggressive intentions towards other countries," the analyst notes.