colorado teen Jesse Boling strip searched vape pen

Jesse Boling spoke to 11 News reporter Robbie Reynold about the alleged incident.
A teenager says he had to take off his underwear while school staff was searching him for vape pens.

School District 11 tells 11 News they are investigating this, but they're not saying much else because it is a personnel matter.

Seventeen-year-old Jesse Boling and his mother Cynthia are both furious. Cynthia Boling met with the Mitchell High School principal Monday morning and says she wants the employee fired.

According to Jesse, he was talking to two of his friends who were vaping in the locker room at Mitchell. He says a school employee saw them and took them to the office.

Backpacks and pockets were searched, but Jesse -- who says he was the only one without vaping tools -- received an extended search.

"This is where it kind of gets weird."

Jesse says he was told to pull down his pants, lift up his shirt, and then take off his boxers.

"I told him, 'No, this is kind of weird.' And then I pulled up my pants. And then he raises his voice, 'Follow my instructions.'"

Jesse says he refused a few more times, then finally pulled down his underwear, using his hand to shield his private parts.

"I was just thinking through my mind, 'Did he really just make me pull off my boxers?'"

Cynthia Boling says she is in contact with the school and wants to see action taken.

"There's no right thing about this. It's just wrong, any way you look at it."

We will continue to update this story as we learn new developments.