Superbia Credit Union
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Sen. Jeremy Moss (from left), Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and DIFS Director Anita G. Fox approved the formation of Superbia Credit Union. They are pictured with Linda Bodie and Myles Meyers of Superbia.
The State of Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services approved the formation of Superbia Credit Union, the first ever not-for-profit credit union by and for the LGBTQ community.

Sen. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield), said, "State law doesn't protect Michigan's LGBTQ community from discrimination in the workplace and public accommodations. ... It's burdensome that gay and trans Michiganders must depend on private businesses to take it upon themselves to provide equal treatment to employees and consumers."

"Fortunately, many LGBTQ business owners and entrepreneurs have stepped up to specifically cater to the needs of our community, and I'm especially excited to welcome in Superbia Credit Union to Michigan as a safe space to bank and obtain lines of credit without fear of discrimination."

Superbia Services Inc. will immediately begin its next phase — working with regulatory bodies to receive the required approvals that will make the credit union operational by early 2020. Operating virtually to ensure the broadest access to the community, Superbia Credit Union will serve its members through competitive rates and a member experience that affirms the LGBTQ community.

Superbia Credit Union will use its profits to fund direct benefits to its members and for grants to organizations that support LGBTQ-related initiatives.

Myles Meyers, founder of Superbia Services Inc., was inspired to create the company when he realized products, services and the customer experience were not reflecting the needs of the LGBTQ community.

"The LGBTQ community is strong and persistent," said Meyers. "We've been working with, and will continue to work with, the community to improve economic equality by removing the risks of intolerance and discrimination in banking services that continue to plague the community in different forms. ... We are extremely appreciative to the Michigan DIFS for its efforts on our application and the signing of the executive order to form Superbia Credit Union."