Heat Wave in Morocco

Heatwave in Morocco
According to the Directorate of National Meteorology (DMN), the heatwave started on August 23 and will persist until the end of the week. Temperatures will gradually decrease by the start of next week.

The areas of Sous, Tadla, El Haouz and Rhamna will face particularly high temperatures. In the central and southeastern regions, as well as the inland regions, temperatures will range between 41 and 47 degrees.

As for coastal areas, temperatures will only reach between 28 and 33 degrees Celsius. Temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius are forecast for other inland areas, especially the Atlantic plains, Chaouia, and eastern mountain slopes.

The DMN attributed the high temperatures to the hot airwaves called "Chergui." The dry and hot airwaves come from the Sahara desert, passing by the southern provinces to reach the center of the country.

The DMN assured that this rise in temperatures is normal for this period of the year, occasionally witnessing hot airwaves.

Temperatures will begin to decrease starting August 25, particularly for the Atlantic coast, while the rest of the regions are expected to see a gradual decline starting August 26, according to the DMN.

The Directorate stressed the need to avoid sun exposure for long periods, especially from noon to 5 pm. It also urged the population to pay closer attention to the elderly and children and to drink plenty of fluids.

The General Directorate of Civil Protection (DGPC) emphasized the necessity of emptying cars from gaseous materials, lighters, soft drinks, perfumes, and batteries in general. It also recommended people not to travel in the morning and to avoid overfilling tires.

The DGPC also requested citizens provide water in their windows, around bushes, fences, farms to help thirsty birds, cats, and other animals.