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We are told the Trump-Russia Collusion hoax was the greatest political scandal in US history.

Several officials with knowledge of the Deep State spying on the Trump campaign and Trump administration tell us "you can't believe what's coming out."

It is also clear at this point that around 90% of the mainstream liberal media outlets bought into the hoax and sold it to the American public. And now there is proof that even the far left "fact-checkers" bought into the deep state lies. They were all wrong.

In the aftermath of this criminal attempt to remove the sitting United States president it is important to learn from the mistakes that were made.

The attached spreadsheet contains 90+ anti conservative/Republican stories the major media got wrong.

It includes dates, links to original or Wayback articles, Snopes and Politifact rating, etc.

67 of the wrong articles come from Sharyl Atkkisson's list, 23 are from Timothy Zebel's book The Fake News Epidemic.

Out of these 90 articles Snopes rated only 4 as FALSE,

Out of the 90 articles Politifact rated only 3 as false.

Here is the workbook table:
snopes politifact fake news table missed stories
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From our study Snopes had a 4% success rate. They missed 96% of the major fake news Russia-Collusion reports.

Politifact did even worse scoring a 3% success rate. They missed 97% of the the anti-Trump Russia-Collusion fake news stories.

Remember this next time you hear the liberal media quote one of these two far left publishers.

Note: Here is a copy of the data sheet.