Early risers around the Perth metropolitan area were stunned by a bright green light filling the night sky on Wednesday morning, but what looked like Armageddon was most likely a meteor, according to a Perth Observatory staffer.
Meteor Fireball
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Just before 6am 6PR News director Lisa Barnes was out for her morning run near Ellenbrook when she saw the phenomenon light up the sky.

"It was so amazing to see, it lit up the whole sky, a quick flash of light and then it drew my eyes to where I was heading (...) and then it was like a ball of light and I watched it fall."

Mrs Barnes said it was much bigger and brighter than a shooting star.

Callers to 6PR radio also described a bright green light filling the sky.

"It had an aqua-type of green tail on it," one caller said

"I thought it was Armageddon," another caller said.

"I turned around and said to the wife, 'I love you'."

Matt Woods, tour administrator at the Perth Observatory, said the phenomenon was most likely a meteor, not space junk.

"From the green tinge, it definitely sounds like it was a meteorite," he told the 6PR breakfast program.

He said it was unlikely the meteor made impact on the ground.

"It sounds like it probably burned up completely," he said.