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People living in the New Tripoli area of Lehigh County want to know what caused an explosion Tuesday morning.

They say they heard or felt a blast, but authorities say they can't determine a cause.

Micki Tapper says she was awake at 7:30 a.m. That's when she heard it.

"There was just a really loud boom. My house shook, my windows shook," Tapper said.

The sound is picked up by her security camera microphone. You can hear a noise, but you can't discern much about it, or how far away it was.

Still, it was alarming. Tapper says she went outside to look around her home because she thought a tree fell on her house.

Comment: You can hear the booming sound starting at :25 in WTMZ's video coverage.

There was no damage, so she posted a thread on social media to see if others in her neighborhood heard it.

"Some people said maybe it was a earthquake, sonic boom, I had somebody say report it to the state police because it could have been a homemade detonated bomb," Tapper said.

Tapper is concerned that another person could be setting off bombs. In 2018, bomb blasts shook parts of upper Bucks County. A man is facing charges in that case. Another man is facing charges in connection with recent blasts in the Bangor area.

Tapper says she didn't call the police. A Pennsylvania state police spokesperson told 69 News they received a call from a person about a mile away on Long Court.

"A trooper went to investigate but heard no other sounds and couldn't determine where it came from." the spokesperson said.

"It was pretty straight forward, it happened and a lot of people felt and now we're all curious," Tapper said.