Three headed serpent boat
© Twitter / Finnish Coast Guard / Merivartiosto
Finland's Coast Guard sent a patrol boat to inspect a peculiar "three-headed sea monster" making its way thought the mist along the nation's border. However, the mysterious object was not quite a deep-sea creature.

The Coast Guard officers were in for a surprise when they noticed an unusual vessel traversing the foggy waters of the Gulf of Finland on Sunday. Due to poor visibility, it was hard to tell what type of a ship it was, so a patrol boat was dispatched to check it out.

The vessel turned out to be a Russian yacht with three large dragon heads on its hull, the Coast Guard told local media. The stunned officers snapped a picture of the yacht and shared it on social media, describing the vessel as "a three-headed sea monster."

"I haven't encountered anything like that before," a field director with the Coast Guard, Jarmo Hakkinen, said.

"It is standard procedure for us to send patrol boats to identify vessels sailing close to the border. But this time it led to a funnier case."

The yacht was apparently stylized as a Medieval Russian vessel which had a design similar to Viking ships. Three-headed dragons or serpents often appear in Russian folk tales.

The Coast Guard did not reveal many details about the 'sea monster' yacht, apart from the fact it was made three years ago, and was likely traveling to a fair in Norway because its crew of seven was dressed in "traditional costumes."