Candace Owens
© Reuters / Lucas Jackson
Conservative gadfly Candace Owens caught the wrong end of Facebook's ban hammer for questioning the threat posed by white supremacy compared to liberal policies. Though the ban was quickly reversed, reactions online were fiery.

"My @facebook page has been suspended for 7 days for posting that white supremacy is not a threat to black America," Owens tweeted Friday morning. The controversial Facebook post added that "liberal" policies were doing more harm to black communities.

By Friday afternoon Facebook had overturned the decision, telling Owens she was penalized "by mistake," but that didn't stop an outpouring of rage from her fellow conservatives, who slammed the ban as an act of political censorship.

The reactions weren't all negative, however. Many commenters celebrated the move, with some even calling for Owens' ban on other platforms.
Thank you @Facebook. Who thinks Twitter should follow suit?@hillreporter

- Ed Krassenstein (@EdKrassen) May 17, 2019