Loud boom in QLS, AUS
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Residents of a southeast suburb are scratching their heads after experiencing a loud "boom" and feeling the earth shudder early on Sunday evening.

Cornubia resident Shaun Pask said his West Coorang St house was rocked by the event which took place just before 6pm.

Mr Pask said he felt as if a large object had hit the roof of his house.

"My wife and I were inside when we experienced the house shuddering - it was so loud I could not image any handheld device could possibly create that amount of noise," he said.

"It was not a small object hitting a small part of the roof - it was like something fell from the sky and it landed on our whole roof at the one time.

"It was like a sonic boom hammered down on the entire roof and neighbours said they had the same experience."

Nearby resident Glen Sheriff, who lives in 3km away in Wuduru Rd, backed up the claims and said his family also experienced the "boom".

"It's got everyone in Cornubia a bit worried but if it was something electrical-related there would have been reports of blackouts in the area, which there weren't.

"It seems to be a total mystery, which leads me to think it was some kind of geological phenomena."

Residents in a 3km radius, from as far away as Mount Cotton and near the Logan River heard the blast and took to Facebook to air their concerns.
Loud boom in QLS FB post
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Immediately after the "boom", more than 190 comments were made on Facebook.

Claims the sound came from the nearby Karreman's Quarry were dismissed as the quarry was shut on Sunday.

Another Cornubia resident Carol-Ann Dovey said she was standing up talking and "boom, it made me duck. Rattled our chandelier and made the fans shake. We went outside expecting to see a plume of smoke. Nope, just saw the neighbours out looking too."

Other sites affected were Carbrook Rd, Gavin Way, Bromley St, Montessa St and Glenvale St.

However, so far it remains a mystery with nothing recorded on the United States Geological Survey site to register any earthquakes in Australia.

A RAAF spokesman said there had been no recorded aircraft activity in the area on Sunday night and police said they had not been alerted to any explosions.

Claims about "gunshot sounds" and "blasting" were in the same area of Eagleby in 2017 when Biosecurity Queensland was scaring off birds from prawn farms along the Logan River.

Also in 2017, police were called to investigate claims of loud night-time explosions at Edens Landing.

Biosecurity Queensland was contacted.