Mystery boom in central NC
Residents living along a rural road in Trinity were alarmed by a mysterious noise and movement they say happened late Monday night.

"It was a very loud boom," Dianne Williams said.

Williams was alarmed to hear such a loud noise, followed by shaking. She said it was scary for her dogs too.

"I heard bang, bang, in the laundry room, so I opened the door where we keep our pots and pans and they were on the floor!" Williams said.

But she wasn't the only person along the road to hear the noise and feel the movement in the ground.

"It was between 11-11:30 that I felt like a boom or heard a boom then felt the house shake," neighbor Joy Mitchem said.

No earthquakes were reported in the area Monday night, according to the United States Geological Survey.

"I would love to know what our mystery was in our neighborhood," Williams said.