Two people were buried alive in a landslide as heavy rain caused havoc in Madang last week.

Raicoast MP Peter Sapia travelled to Ranara in the Naho Rawa local level government to assess the damage with the disaster office team from Madang.

Madang disaster office director Rudolf Mongallee said heavy rain in the area caused the landslide which buried the two people alive.

It could not be confirmed whether their bodies had been recovered.

He said people living along the Finisterer mountain range has been subjected to landslides.

He warned the villagers to be careful as water coming down the mountains were causing more soil erosion.

"People living in the Finistere Range should be careful when there's heavy rainfall," Mongallee said.

He said gardens and homes were under water and affected the movement of people.

Meanwhile, hundreds were stranded along the Madang-Usino highway when a section of the road was damaged by flooding.

Mongallee said a section the highway at Negeri was washed away.

Some passengers returned to Madang while others crossed to catch transport on the other side.

Mongallee said the Works Department and contractors had begun fixing the damaged road.

Highway users are also still using a wet crossing after the Menia bridge near Dumpu was damaged.

Mongallee said passengers would have to get to the other side to complete their trips.

Ramu Sugar-based policeman Adam Yawing said locals were taking advantage of the disaster to set up illegal road blocks and claiming fees from passengers.