Mystery boom - stock
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A Somerset resident has spoken of the moment he witnessed what he described as a "massive flash and deep boom" in the sky above his home, prompting the question - what was it?

Martin Mulchinock, from Priddy, near Wells, has been left scratching his head over what the flash and boom was and is wondering whether anyone else heard or saw anything.

The flash and boom could have been seen or heard across Mendip and surrounding areas.

He said: "At approximately 9:55 pm, there was a massive flash in the night sky. A trail was visible but dissipated quickly.

"Roughly five minutes later there was a deep boom which disturbed the grouse. It was pretty dramatic.

"My best guess is a meteor. The flash was like lightning in a relatively clear sky. It was enough to make you nervous as to when the bang was going to arrive.

"Anybody else notice?"

It is currently unclear as to what the flash and boom was.