Russian embassy in London
© REUTERS/Henry Nicholls
Russian embassy in London
The Bellingcat group may be linked to special services, judging from the nature of information they publish and their non-transparent structure, the press secretary of the Russian Embassy in London said.

"Bellingcat's connections with special services are apparent if one takes into account the circumstances surrounding this group," the press secretary said. He named several factors that serve as evidence to this: the group was established "several days before the MH17 crash," it publishes information that combines "features of intelligence data and high-quality fakes," its activities are directed against Russia.

The press secretary also drew attention to the fact that Bellingcat publishes its materials "at a moment that is especially convenient for NATO countries."

The biography of Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins also raises many questions, as he "turned from a video gamer into an 'icon of independent journalism' practically overnight," he noted adding that "non-transparent structure and funding" only add more questions. "If Bellingcat can provide a plausible explanation of such a combination of factors, they should present it to the public," the press secretary said.