Protester in front of the burnt Iranian Consulate in Basra
© Essam al-Sudani / Reuters
Protester in front of the burnt Iranian Consulate in Basra, Iraq
Protesters have stormed and set fire to the Iranian consulate in the Iraqi oil-hub city of Basra. The city has been engulfed in protests over poor public services and corruption since the start of the week.

Violent protests in Basra have been ongoing since Monday. The rioters are angry over shortages of potable water, electricity and jobs. They have been attacking government buildings, as well as the headquarters of political parties with links to Iran.

At least 10 protesters have died since Monday in clashes with security forces. They are accusing corrupt political parties of allowing the city's infrastructure to crumble, as well as blaming Iran for interfering with Iraqi politics. Before setting fire to the consulate, they spent hours shouting anti-Iranian slogans in front of it. At least one protester's message, viewed over 24,000 time on Facebook, accuses Iran of directly cutting off the water supply to Basra, which is located around 30km from the Iranian border.