illegal immigration protest

Protestors in Germany carry portraits of those allegedly killed by illegal immigrants
The unrest in the Saxon city was prompted by the death of Daniel Hillig, a German national, allegedly killed by two migrants on August 26. The incident led to ongoing mass demonstrations and clashes between different groups of protesters and police.

At least 4,500 participants took part in an anti-immigrant demonstration on Saturday in Chemnitz, the local police stated, adding that A total of 18 people including three police officers were injured during the day.

During the rally, the opponents of the current German migration policy were carrying portraits of people, who, according to the protestors, had been killed by migrants during the recent years.

Since 2015 Germany took in several million refugees, mostly - from Africa and the Middle East, as part of an "open-door policy" amid the European migration crisis. The policy prompted huge discontent amid different groups of people.