Doncaster mystery bangs
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The blasts were heard in the area around Hatfield and Stainforth.
Two mystery 'explosions' were heard across large parts of Doncaster last night.

People across town reported hearing two loud bangs between 10pm and 10.30pm - with residents in Stainforth, Hatfield and Dunscroft among those hearing the noise.

One person who heard the 'blasts' said: "It sounded like two explosions. Lots heard it but no-one seems to know what it was."

We have contacted both South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for reports of any incidents in those areas last night.

It is not the first time mystery bangs have left people in Doncaster scratching their heads.

Last April, a loud bang was heard across large parts of Doncaster - with suggestions the noise had been heard as far afield as Worksop and Conisbrough.

On that occasion, several people took to Facebook trying to find the source of the bang which is understood to have woken some from their sleep.

Theories put forward on Facebook include shotguns, fireworks and a sonic boom caused by jet aircraft.