It's just amazing how we as a society can let global group-think ideas have fantastically large continued public traction when direct scientific observation utterly refutes the very basis of the ideas. Can not the alarmist scientific folks (I'm thinking here of Mann, Alley, Schmidt, Hansen, etc.) be just a little bit honest about what is actually going on?

Sea level rise is widely reported every single day as an imminent man-made climatic disaster. Portions of Greenland melt, and portions of Antarctica melt. are presented as proof-positive that human burning of fossil fuels is causing the Earth to overly warm and therefore causing these melts...which will lead to coastal inundation...and we must therefore change our ways at any cost.

However, it just so happens that these same portions of Greenland and Antarctica melt are now known to be situated over highly active geothermal sites... and that 100% of the observed melt is easily and readily attributable to current enhanced geothermal heat release.

91 Underwater Volcanoes Antarctica
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91 Underwater Volcanoes Antarctica
greenland geothermal map
Now, exactly why it is that that enhanced geothermal heat release is happening just now, is unknown. But it surely has nothing to do with human consumption of fossil fuels. Can it actually be argued that this misrepresentation of cause-and-effect is somehow, nonetheless, in the public interest?

An intellectually honest, potentially wrong and disprovable, but likely meritful answer, as to why geothermal heat release might be currently enhanced, can be found here:

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Ronald D Voisin is a retired engineer. He spent 27 years in the Semiconductor Lithography Equipment industry mostly in California's Silicon Valley. Since retiring in 2007, he has made a hobby of studying climate change. Ron received a SEE degree from the Univ. of Michigan - Ann Arbor in 1978 and has held various management positions at both established semiconductor equipment companies and start-ups he helped initiate. Ron has authored/co-authored 31 patent applications, 27 of which have issued.
UPDATE: This graph from David Middleton really tells the story about Greenland:
greenland grigatonnes of ice