strategic communication laboratories

SCL, 'Strategic Communication Laboratories', Oxford Street, London, England: and actual 'Troll Factory' and global leader in 'election-influencing operations'
The following video presentation by Luke O'Hare for Bella Caledonia elaborates on an article published by the same author a couple of months ago:
SCL, Parent Company of Cambridge Analytica, is Military-Intelligence Front For British Establishment [original title: 'SCL: A Very British Coup']
The Guardian and some other outlets continue harping on about Cambridge Analytica and how it was the vehicle for a conspiracy between the pro-Brexit faction of the British elite, one of Trump's backers (Robert Mercer), and 'the Russians'.

Just spelling it out reveals how implausible that scenario is.

The real conspiracy is staring everyone in the face, but 'none dare speak its name': a network of British and American financiers, spooks, and civil servants who comprise 'The Swamp', aka the Deep State.

We would make just one small clarification to O'Hare's otherwise superb report: despite intense scrutiny, there is as yet zero evidence of Russian interference in others' elections/referenda. This suggestion - which is all it is - is itself part of a Western military-intelligence 'StratCom' campaign that actually began before Trump had even secured the Republican nomination, and was probably hatched in a 'strategic communications laboratory' in Washington or London just like SCL...