Freeze damage on sizing blueberries
Freeze damage on sizing blueberries
What does a reduction in sunspots mean for crop yield?

15 Mar 2018 - "What you are about to witness is mind-blowing," says Diamond of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project. "Yesterday on AgDay two analysts discuss the coming Grand Solar Minimum and associated crop losses and global famine as if it were a passing fad."

"Things are happening (weather-wise) that haven't happened in a long time," says Shawn Hackett, president and CEO of Hackett Financial Advisors. "It's just the beginning."

"We have data that goes back to the 1600s and 1800s from ice core samples, tree rings, and from actually written testimony of the kind of problems that they had," said Hackett.

"(Over the next five years, we're looking at) a world with food scarcity. It's a world with localized famines."

"It's not going to be pleasant. It's going to be a very difficult time."

Hacket Financia Advisors is located in Wimberley, Texas.

YouTube video posted by Diamond of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project

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