Maria Zakharova
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Maria Zakharova speaking about the British behavior towards the Russian Federation in relation to the assassination attempt on Sergey and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, Great Britain
However, it is unlikely her very reasoned process will fall on receptive ears as the West accuses Russia for the use of Novichok and yet refuses to listen

Maria Zakharova is a powerhouse for the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry. She is the go-to for all matters concerning sanctions against Russia, other accusations and slanderous attacks against Russia and less virulent affairs as well.

Here on video with English subtitles, she clearly, carefully and SANELY lays out the process and rationale for how to solve the matter of the alleged Novichok-utilizing assassination attempt on ex-spy Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Unfortunately, it is likely not to be considered, as the Western nations continue to ramp up very bellicose rhetoric against Russia.

It would make sense if Russia actually did something, but there simply is no logic to the argument that President Vladimir Putin would order an assassination to be carried out right before the Russian Presidential elections which are to be held this Sunday, March 18th.

While people who live in the West might try to go on the idea that Putin is "showing his strength" to either inspire or cow the Russian people into voting for him, this is simply not true. Since I live in Russia and interact with people here every day, I have talked to them often enough about politics and they are very free with expressing their opinions. There is no doubt here that Putin will win, but even some of the most cynical of Russian people who say this also admit that the problem is not Putin's bullying or coerciveness, because this is nonexistent. What is the case is that no other presidential candidate has shown any significant ability that would lead the nation in any more effective a manner than what President Putin has done.

So, even those people who do not believe his personal integrity (and there are quite a number of them that freely say so) or his Christianity, which are some major selling points this election, still usually admit that he is effective as a leader, and solves problems that no one else yet has given a better idea how to solve.

Russians are, in my experience, very practical and pragmatic people. They are as emotional as anyone, but they do a pretty good job at not being hysterical and making blind accusations simply because of emotion. Not that these levels, anyway.