Stranded whale on the beach.

Stranded whale on the beach.
Whale with a length of 16.5 meters and a height of about four meters was found dead by residents on the Beach Tompobatu of Lameroro Village, Rumbia Sub-district allegedly stranded during the tidal wave that occurred on Thursday (2/1).

Information gathered from one Police member in Bombana Resort Police, Second Police Brigade Kaslinda, Friday (2/2) confirmed the mammal animal was found by fishermen when going into the sea.

"The whale was allegedly carried by the current during a rapidly changing tidal wave, when a total lunar eclipse occurred," said Kasman (55), citizen of Lameroro Village, while watching the condition of the rare fish.

According to him, the condition of mammal fish was lifeless (dead) and pathetic, the citizens can only surrender because they can no longer do much let alone to save the animals protected to the sea.

Quoted from the Antara website, the crowd of hundreds of people on the beach Tompobatu was inevitable to see directly the condition of stranded whale.

Until this news was made, there has been no information from the local government or from technical agencies that can be asked for confirmation related to the stranded whale.