bad science, corruption science
Evidence-based medicine (peer-reviewed and published clinical research results) is the life-blood of conventional medical knowledge and practice. All standard allopathic medical treatments rest upon it with physicians relying on the results of this clinical research to guide their practice. But what if this gold standard of medical practice is based on research that is largely wrong, biased or outright fraudulent? It is estimated that up to 90% of biomedical studies are false. More and more scientific papers are being retracted because of sloppy research, data calculation and collection errors or purposeful lying on the part of researchers. We've gotten to the point where that anything read in a scientific journal needs to be take with a large grain of salt.

In this episode of the Health and Wellness Show we explore the dubious nature of scientific study; the conflicts of interest, the hidden (and not so hidden) corporate funding that guides research, the censorship of negative results and the lies and obfuscation that plague so-called evidence based studies.

Stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment about pain in cats.

Running Time: 01:36:31

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