A photo of the meteor taken by E.Ground which was tweeted to the Peterborough Telegraph

A photo of the meteor taken by E.Ground which was tweeted to the Peterborough Telegraph
It is normally fireworks which light up the sky on New Year's Eve, but incredibly the last few hours of 2017 were graced by a dazzling green meteor which passed through the sky above Peterborough.

The green fireball was spotted in and around the city, with many of you taking to social media in an excited state to share the discovery.

One of the people to spot the meteor was our own photographer David Lowndes who tweeted: "Reports of a very bright meteorite with long tail over sky near Sawtry at 5.30 today. Anyone see it?"

Many people then responded to the tweet to say they had seen the meteor, including Lou whose friend E.Ground had managed to snap a picture of it near Guyhirn.

In addition, Rachel Johnstone said: "I saw it driving home from Deeping St James to Crowland. Burning bright green. Amazing sight. Wish I had time to photograph it."

Adam Green‏ replied: "Yes I saw it over the Longthorpe Park way around 5.35pm."

Becca Ford‏ said: "Yes we saw it in stamford at a similar time (5:30). An amazing sight and feel lucky to have seen it."

Josephine Rastall‏ said: "Saw it over Billingborough. Near Bourne."

Kevin Hussey‏ said: "I saw it while driving near Whittlesey at 5.36pm looking north. Very green with a long tail."

Matthew Mahabadi saw the meteor on the A16 over Crowland and tweeted the European Space Agency which replied with a video and the words: "Perhaps the same?"

Other people replied to say they had seen it on the M11 at Saffron Walden, the A1 in Hatfield, in Salisbury and south of Cambridge.

The Yorkshire Post is also reporting that "an unusual astronomical phenomenon" was sighted over Leeds, Sheffield and Doncaster as well as various other parts of the country.

And UK Meteor Network said it had received more than 470 public reports of a "very large fireball meteor event" spotted over the UK.